1989 Fiat Panda 4x4 Sisley

1989 Fiat Panda 4x4 Sisley

Burgundy Red Metallic Over Gray Interior, Recently Serviced, The “Sisley Edition” Features Many Unique Bits Including An Inclinometer, 13” Painted Wheels and Roof Rack.

Seller Asking: €22,000

Although it may not have the looks of a Ferrari or performance to rival a Porsche, the Fiat Panda is without a doubt one of the most beloved classic cars around. Thanks to its diminutive size and optional 4-wheel drive, the Panda is the ultimate city car and is able to tackle any challenging terrain thrown at it. Penned by styling legend Giorgetto Giugiaro, the Panda’s shape is very simple, yet more than 40 years after its debut, it still looks fresh. First going on sale in 1980, the Panda saw a major refresh in 1986 that offered more powerful engines, updated suspension, and fully galvanized body panels. The following year in 1987, Fiat developed a special edition of the Panda 4X4 known as the “Sisley Edition” that was intended to be a run of just 500 units. Featuring metallic paint, white painted wheels, a hood scoop, an inclinometer, a roof rack, and headlamp washers, all 500 units were quickly snapped up, and, realizing they were on to something, in 1989, Fiat put it into full-scale production. 

This 1989 Fiat Panda 4X4 Sisley is finished in Burgundy Red Metallic and has been treated to a thorough reconditioning recently. Sold new around Verona, the car has stayed in the same area, moving between owners within the region. At the time of cataloging, this Panda shows 178,011 km and is in remarkable condition, especially considering that many of these cars were used hard and not pampered throughout their lives. During the reconditioning, the car received a new set of the Sisley package’s cream-colored 13” wheels which are wrapped in a new set of Pirelli Winter 160 all-terrain tires. Around the car, all of the Sisley badging is intact including the rear mudflaps which are emblazoned with a person rowing a canoe. 

The simple interior is what you would expect from a 1980s economy car, but features a number of special touches only found in the Sisley edition Panda. The seats are finished in gray vinyl but are accented by gray corduroy centers, which once again have the canoeing person pressed right in the middle. Overall the interior is in very good shape but a few of the seams on the seat show some separation. Special seatbelts are embroidered with “Sisley Panda 4X4” script and the dual-dial inclinometer sits proudly along the top of the dashboard, ready for your next off-road adventure. 

Powering the Panda is a 1.0 liter inline-4 that produces 50 horsepower-although this doesn’t sound like much, it is more than adequate to move the 740 kg car down the road. This engine was recently treated to a new timing belt and is running as it should. What really separates this Panda from the more standard economy cars of the era is its robust 4-wheel-drive setup, produced by Styer-Puch in Styer, Austria. It was the first system of its kind, designed to work with a transverse engine and can be switched between 2X4 and 4X4 by pulling up on the shift lever. Also worth noting, this car has recently received a full brake service as well as a freshening of the suspension, meaning that it is ready to hop in and be enjoyed. 

In light of the Panda 4X4’s practicality and versatility, most of them were used up and disposed of when they were no longer serviceable. Thankfully, some owners did cherish these cars as they deserved and in recent years, the values of good examples have been on the rise. This Burgundy Red Metallic Panda is a wonderful car to use and thanks to the recent servicing, is ready to show you what made these mini 4X4s so popular when they were new. 

178,011 km
Verona, Italy
1.0L Inline-4
5-Speed Manual
Four Wheel Drive
Exterior Color:
Burgundy Red Metallic
Interior Color:
Total Owners:
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