2006 Aston Martin Vanquish S

2006 Aston Martin Vanquish S

Ordered in Meteorite Silver Over Black Leather, This Final Year Vanquish S Features All Of The Desirable Updates Carried Out by Aston Martin Over the Model’s Run.

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Aston Martin is a company that is known for producing some of the greatest grand touring cars of all time. But in the early 2000s, they wanted to create an all-new top-of-the-line touring car for the new millennium. Designed by Aston Martin styling legend Ian Callum, the V12 Vanquish debuted first as the Project Vantage Concept at the 1998 North American International Auto Show, before being pressed into production during the first quarter of 2001. Utilizing an advanced bonded aluminum composite chassis and carbon fiber backbone which was developed with the help of Lotus, the Vanquish was far more technologically advanced than any other Aston Martin and set them up for the path they are on to this day. What was not discussed at the beginning of production, was that the V12 Vanquish would end up being the final car produced at Aston Martin’s famed Newport Pagnell factory, meaning that even with all of the advanced techniques utilized in the car, it was still largely built by hand. 

This 2006 Aston Martin V12 Vanquish is one of the later “S” models and benefits from a host of updates carried out in the middle of the model’s run. Although initially, you were able to choose between the Vanquish or Vanquish S, the “S” became the standard in 2006. It received a slightly revised front and rear end with an integrated trunk lid spoiler. Additionally, a different, modernized wheel design was added to the car and an altered gear ratio allowed the car to hit the magical 200 mph mark at the top end. This example is finished in a dark shade of Meteorite Silver and shows just 12,326 miles on the odometer. 2006 was the final year of Vanquish sales in the United States and has become the most desirable of all the models. 

As the V12 Vanquish was designed to be an exemplary grand touring car the interior design was hugely important and as usual, Aston Martin did not disappoint. With black hand-stitched leather on nearly every surface, as soon as you open the door, you can tell you are getting into a truly high-end vehicle. This example has been fitted with the more heavily bolstered factory sport seats- they hold you in much better than the standard units but remain comfortable on long drives. The metallic finish center stack features an optional integrated navigation system, as well as a set of elegantly machined climate control dials and the CD stereo with a trunk-mounted CD player. 

Under the hood of the V12 Vanquish S is a 5.9-liter V12 with dual overhead camshafts that produce 520 horsepower and 426 lb-ft of torque. Running from 0-60mph in well under 5 seconds, this engine has long been held as one of the greatest-sounding power units to ever come out of an OEM. Even with the factory exhaust, the noise that comes out of this car puts any of its contemporary competitors to shame with a deep guttural idle that begins to scream as the RPMs rise. The Vanquish S also implemented the Sports Dynamic Package- which was an option on earlier Vanquishes- as standard meaning that the car received stiffer springs, sharper steering, and larger, more powerful brakes. All things that are more than welcome in this 200mph luxury coupe. 

Although many modern Aston Martins are still very pretty cars, many would consider the V12 Vanquish to be the most beautiful “modern” car to come from the brand. Even more than twenty years after its debut, the V12 Vanquish offers ample performance and with all of the “S” upgrades, it will easily hold its own against far more modern sports cars. This combination of style, and luxury, paired with a massive, sonorous V12 makes the V12 Vanquish a proper modern classic and without a doubt, a car that you can enjoy driving for years to come.

12,323 Miles
San Carlos, CA
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6.0L V12
6-Speed Automatic
Rear Wheel Drive
Exterior Color:
Meteorite Silver
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