1970 FIAT Dino 2400


Fiat Dino 2400, Fully Restored and Finished in "Azzurro Metallizzato"

Marketed under the Dino brand and designed by Bertone, the Fiat Dino was presented at the Salone di Torino in 1967. The Dino road cars was born from a need of Ferrari to homologate a V6 engine for Formula 2 racing cars. In 1965 the Commission Sportive Internationale de la FIA had drawn up new rules, to be enacted for the 1967 season. F2 engines were required to have no more than six cylinders, and to be derived from a production engine, from a road car homologated in the GT class and produced in at least 500 examples within 12 months. Since a small manufacturer like Ferrari did not possess the production capacity to reach such quotas, an agreement was signed with Fiat and made public on 1 March 1965: Fiat would produce the 500 engines needed for the homologation, to be installed in a GT car which remained to be specified. The resulting car was the Fiat Dino, available in closed (designed by Bertone) or open (designed by Pininfarina) forms.

Early Dinos displaced 2.0 liters, which was expanded to 2.4 liters late in 1969. Significant mechanical updates to the entire car were performed at this time, including the switch to independent rear suspension and a new dogleg gearbox.

This particular car is a 2.4 liter example which has been comprehensively restored to high standards. 


  • Model: Dino Coupe 2400
  • Total produced: 2398


  • Model Year: 1970
  • Manufacturer: FIAT
  • Current Country of Registration: Europe
  • VIN: BC00392
  • Homologation: OM07308
  • Last Mileage (Km or Miles): 92,385 km


  • Total Owners: 2


  • Exterior Color: 448 Azzurro Metallizzato
  • Interior Color: Grey and Red


    • Engine Type: 2.4 Liter V6
    • Gearbox Type: 5-speed manual

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