1991 Opel Omega Lotus

A classic daily car able to embarrass top-class supercars

In the early nineties, since General Motors, which owned Opel at that time and bought Lotus in 1986, decided it was time to produce an exclusive and high-output flagship saloon, made specifically for the ultra-performance-conscious family man. Known internally as the Lotus 104 but called Omega Lotus (or Lotus Carlton in right hand drive form), this Opel achieved the goal of being the classic daily car able to embarrass top-class supercars such as the 911 Turbo and the Ferrari Testarossa. Developed under the guidance of Bob Eaton, the 104 rapidly became a cult car: not a commercial success as fewer than 1000 were built, but surely a car that made every true enthusiast's heart beating. The standard 3 litre straight six of the Omega was strengthened and its stroke enlarged from 70 to 84mm, upping the displacement to 3.6 litres. A pair of Garrett T25 turbos was added to increase power figures from 206 horses and 204 lb of torque to some staggering 377 horses and 420 lb! During tests at the Nordschleife, the car achieved an impressive 300 kph top speed using worn tires to prevent them from self destructing due to the high temperatures. In total 10 or 12 prototypes were built and all were used for extensive tests in Nardò, the Artic circle and in the most demanding conditions: also, among the test drivers was Mika Häkkinen. Despite some of these cars were painted in Silver and only one in Red, all production cars were in a mean and gorgeous looking Imperial Green. Presented in 1991, the Omega Lotus became immediately a force to be reckoned with, able to convey a new image to Opel.

This 1991 example is the 217th built and one of the 70 or-so imported in Italy. Having covered less than 95.000 km throughout of its life and having never had a full repaint. To cement the car's status of a contemporary and fully-usable collectible, the car is equipped with its original license plates and with the original service manual and books. A rare survivor which has been carefully looked after throughout of its life, this Opel Omega Lotus is a wonderfully driving example, perfect for enthusiasts meetings and drives. Offered in ready-to-use conditions and with outstanding originality this exciting performance saloon is a great addiction to any dedicated enthusiast's collection.


PRICE REQUEST: 59.600,00 €


  • Manufacturer: Opel
  • Model: Omega Lotus
  • Total produced: 1000


  • Model Year: 1991
  • Market Version: B-Europe
  • VIN: SCC000019M115XXXX
  • Exterior Color: Imperial Green
  • Interior Color: Grey Leather


    • Engine Type: 3.6, 6 Cylinders Twin Turbo, 377 hp
    • Gearbox Type: 6-Speed Manual


    • Current Country of Registration: Italy
    • Odometer: 93.000 Kms
    • Number Plate: Original Italian Plate

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