1992 Land Rover Himalaya D110

1992 Land Rover Himalaya D110

Stunning Four-Year Defender 110 Build by Himalaya, Including 650hp Supercharged V8.


One of the most iconic vehicles ever made, the Land Rover Defender earned its reputation serving landowners domestically in the UK and British Empire and other far flung territories overseas. The original Land Rover was introduced in 1948, and was developed continuously until finally being phased out in 2016, a remarkable 67-year production run that cemented the reputation of Land Rover as a manufacturer of durable workhorse vehicles that were nearly unstoppable in even the roughest conditions. Rebranded as the Defender in the 1980s, the vehicle’s anachronistic character ultimately became one of its selling points and helped a resurgence in interest which has driven the Defender to become genuinely collectible.

Because most Defenders originally served as workhorses, they tended to be used hard and an industry developed around restoring them as well as upgrading them for specific missions whether it was rock crawling or overland adventure camping. One of the very best in the business is Himalaya, which restores and upgrades Defenders to the highest standards, both cosmetically and mechanically.

This particular example, named HUE 166 because it is finished to recall the first ever production Land Rover from 1948, which wore the registration number HUE 166. Consequently, this example is finished in a light green color, called Grasmere Green, although it has a pearlescent effect which definitely was not part of the original Land Rover’s specification. Also not part of the original 1948’s Land Rover’s specification is the 650hp supercharged V8, an LT4 unit sourced from a Corvette, backed by an automatic transmission. This is just the start of the modifications, which while nominally based on a 1992 Defender, retains little of the original systems. For example, a new frame with Dynatrac axles and four link coilover suspension was employed, while inside, a full Puma dash was fitted, which was otherwise available only in 2007 and later Defenders. Brembo brakes at all four corners handle retardation. The interior received full custom treatment, as did the exterior, which is relatively restrained and features a vintage series style grille as further acknowledgment of the Land Rovers of yore. In all, it required four years to develop and build, and has covered 4,300 miles since it was completed.

4,312 Miles
Redwood City, CA
Title Status:
6.2L Supercharged V8
6-Speed Automatic
Four Wheel Drive
Exterior Color:
Grasmere Green
Interior Color:
Total Owners: