1959 Ferrari 250 GT

Matching-Numbers PF Coupe Beautifully Restored in Its Stunning Original Color Combination. Classiche Certified.

This car was originally delivered during spring of 1959 by US official Ferrari importer Johnny von Neumann of Hollywood, California to its first owner Mr. Charles Voschel of Beverly Hills. It passed through the hands of a few other American owners during the ensuing decades, and had been painted grey by 1984. In 1989, the car returned to Europe, where a Swiss owner undertook a restoration. He began disassembling the car, carefully retaining all parts, but made no additional progress. The car was purchased in its partially restored and very complete state by a highly regarded vintage Ferrari specialist in 2008.

Although reportedly dark blue when first delivered by von Neumann in 1959, the car was discovered during the restoration to have layer of light blue paint under the dark blue, which particularly evident when removing the window frames, on the back of the dashboard, and inside the doors. Evidently, the car was originally light blue before being hastily repainted dark blue at the factory before being shipped to the United States.

During the very thorough restoration, this matching-numbers car was returned to its lovely original color. Essentially every aspect of the car was addressed during the three-year restoration and the result is nothing short of spectacular. The restoration was completed in 2011 and the car was successfully Classiche Certified in 2019.


PRICE REQUEST:   735.000,00 €




  • Model: 250 GT Pininfarina Coupe


  • Model Year: 1959
  • Manufacturer: Ferrari
  • Current Country of Registration: Europe
  • VIN: 1453XX
  • Number Plate: AR-39-29


    • Certification: Ferrari Classiche


    • Exterior Color: Azul
    • Interior Color: Red Leather


      • Engine Type: 3.0 Liter V12 Type 128D
      • Engine Number: 1453XX
      • Gearbox Type: 4-Speeed Manual + Reverse
      • Gearbox Number: 243/DR 7:32