1998 Ferrari 456M GT

1998 Ferrari 456M GT

The Perfect V12 Grand Touring Car Featuring a Desirable 6-Speed Transmission and a Beautiful Color Combination of Grigio Titanio Over Magnolia.


From very early in Ferrari’s history, four seat sports cars were part of their model lineup. Usually filling the spot as the most expensive car in the brand’s portfolio, these 2+2 coupes were the cars of choice for the well heeled who also had a family- even Enzo Ferrari was known to favor the 2+2 cars when choosing a company car. The 456 is part of a long line of elegant 2+2 V12 Ferraris, and was a major turning point for the company, representing the first of the modern V12 Ferraris. When it was introduced in 1992, the 456 was on the cutting edge in terms of both its technology and performance, an all new V12 engine, made the 456 Ferrari’s most powerful road-going V12 to date, and was paired for the first time with a 6-speed gearbox which was mounted at the rear. This marked the first time in Ferrari history that a 4 seat car was equipped with a transaxle- a feature normally reserved for the two seat cars due to space constraints. With its 192 mph top speed, the 456 was the fastest 4-seat car available at the time, and was only marginally slower than Ferrari’s top of the line supercar at the time- the 512TR. The car represented a quantum leap forward for Ferrari in speed, refinement and advanced technology with the integration of on the fly adjustable shock absorbers, traction control and electronic stability control. Midway through the 456’s life it was updated to create the 456M (modificata), which employed a new front fascia including carbon fiber hood, revised engine, and updated interior to modernize the styling in a fashion more consistent with the interior of the 550.

This particular car was supplied new in September 1998 to its first owner by Ineco Auto out of Verona, Italy and the majority of its services were carried out by Ferrari specialist Michelotto in Padova. The most recent service record is dated September 2019 at 98.934km and specifies an oil change, oil filter, spark plugs & timing belt were done by “Safety Car - Porsche & Vintage Specialist'' in Milan. Fresh Pirelli Pzero Assimetrico tires were also fitted on that occasion. 

The Grigio Titanio paint is in very original condition showing few flaws with minor dents on the front bumper and engine bonnet. The Magnolia leather also appears original and is in very good condition but does show some signs of use from the past 23 years. Behind the wheel, this 456 is a fantastic car, nearly 24 years old, the performance is still impressive today and the combination of driver involvement and refinement is almost unmatchable. This car is eligible for ASI historical relevance certificate and will also be eligible for import to the United States beginning September 2023-Issimi is able to provide storage until then as well.

105,309 km
Milan, Italy
Title Status:
5.5L V12
6-Speed Manual
Rear Wheel Drive
Exterior Color:
Grigio Titanio
Interior Color:
Total Owners:
Import guidelines
EU Homologation. Due to import laws, this vehicle cannot be registered in the United States.