2012 Ferrari FF

2012 Ferrari FF

Grigio Ferro Over Natural Leather, $74,620 In Factory Options Including Sports Exhaust, Carbon Driving Zone, Passenger Display and Front/Rear Cameras.


Dating back to 1960, Ferrari has always offered a luxurious 4-seat grand touring coupe alongside the other, more sporting cars in their lineup. Under the hood, they were typically powered by the same race-derived engines found in the smaller 2-seat cars yet they offered higher-end interior accommodations and the added practicality of a second set of seats and a larger luggage area. In 2011, Ferrari launched its newest 4-seat model, the FF at the Geneva Motor Show. Built to replace the 612 Scaglietti, it was a massive jump forward for the brand, implementing a new unique design language and technology never before seen on a car with a prancing horse badge. 

This 2012 Ferrari FF was sold new in the San Francisco Bay Area and has remained there from new. Finished in a rare shade of Grigio Ferro Metallizato, the car has been exceptionally well optioned on the exterior to give it a classy and understated appearance. The split-5-spoke wheels are finished in a matte gray and the brake calipers were specially ordered in Grigio Silverstone- this is a rare FF that was ordered without Scuderia Shields on the fenders and it makes you realize how elegant the design is when they aren’t there. Although many maligned the FF for its hatchback look when it was new, it excels in the practicality category and is by far the most comfortable 4-seater for all passengers, that Ferrari has ever produced. 

The interior has been optioned with rich tan leather known as “Natural”, which is accented by a black dash and black contrasting door cards. This car was optioned with one of the most sought-after options available on modern Ferraris, the Carbon Fiber Driving Zone. With carbon accents on the top and bottom of the steering wheel, the Carbon Fiber Driving Zone adds the very cool red LED shift lights along the top of the steering wheel that begins to illuminate the closer you get to the redline. Additionally, this car has been specified with a long list of comfort features like cruise control, auto-dimming mirrors, parking sensors, reversing camera, and front parking camera which is crucial for a car with a long nose like this. One other neat option is the Passenger Display which consists of a small LCD screen in front of the front seat passenger that shows both speed and RPM so they can feel like even more part of the action!

Powering the FF is a 6.3-liter V12 which at the time of its introduction, was the largest engine ever put into a road-going Ferrari. A derivative of the engine found in the Enzo hypercar from the early 2000s, the FF’s updated variant produces 650 horsepower and 504 lb-ft of torque which is sent through a 7-speed DCT gearbox with column-mounted paddle shifters. As all V12 Ferraris should, the FF has a pleasantly aggressive exhaust note that is present when you are winding the car out, but subdued when you want the drive to be more relaxed- in this car, that sound is enhanced by a factory Sport Exhaust system to open it up a bit more. One of the things that set the FF apart from any previous Ferrari is the use of all-wheel-drive. An innovative system is known as 4RM and was developed in partnership with Ferrari and Carraro Engineering. It is 50% lighter weight than a conventional all-wheel-drive system and defaults to completely off, making the FF still drive like a rear-wheel-drive car. That being said when the weather gets bad, the system will transfer power to the front axle as needed.

The FF is a truly unique car in Ferrari’s history and has gained quite a cult following based on its practicality, looks, and performance. With 4 real seats that can truly accommodate adults, the FF is a great alternative to a fast German estate car, with far more personality and excitement when you’re behind the wheel.

30,577 Miles
San Carlos, CA
Title Status:
6.3L V12
7-Speed F1 Dual Clutch
All Wheel Drive
Exterior Color:
Grigio Ferro
Interior Color:
Natural Leather
Total Owners: