2018 Ford GT Competition

2018 Ford GT Competition

Extremely Rare Competition Series Ford GT, One of Seven Made.


The GT40 is one of the greatest race car dynasties of all time, and the current generation Ford GT is the latest heir to that legacy. The latest car is a technological tour de force that also delivers face-melting performance and has been tremendously collectible from the outset. Introduced to celebrate the 50th anniversary of one of the most extraordinary racing achievements ever (the first Le Mans victory of the GT40 in 1966 over Ferrari), the car was developed as a road car with an eye toward racing. And race it did, making its competition debut during the 2016 season, where it finished first and third in the LM GTE Pro class at Le Mans.

The specifications of the car speak to its extraordinary performance focus and innovative technical content. It is centered around a carbon fiber monocoque, with light alloy subframes to which the pushrod suspension mounts. The bodywork is carbon fiber and neatly blends the aesthetic of the original GT40 with a cutting edge contemporary look, particular at the back, where massive channels direct air between the cockpit and separate pods housing the rear wheels. These serve to direct air over (and under) the rear wing, contributing to downforce at the rear axle. The car is motivated by a twin-turbocharged dry-sump V6 which produces 647hp, backed by a 7-speed dual clutch Getrag gearbox, which together provide 0-60 mph in 2.9 seconds, a particularly impressive feat for a rear wheel drive car.

For those seeking an even rawer experience, Ford offered the Competition Series option on the Ford GT...well sort of. They didn’t publicly acknowledge the option but an eagle eyed early owner noted mention in the owner's manual of specific features unique to the Competition Series cars, and Ford eventually added it to the order guide and online configurator and produced a press release describing the package in detail.

Despite this, only seven Competition Series cars were built, perhaps due in part to the fact that it was a $70,000 option. In exchange for that sum, buyers received significant equipment differences compared to the standard car. Among these are carbon fiber wheels with titanium lugnuts, a titanium Akrapovic exhaust system, carbon fiber bucket seats, full alcantara interior, lighter rear deck lid with perspex window, competition type latch latch and carbon fiber prop rod, thinner glass between the cockpit and engine compartment, exposed carbon fiber exterior body stripe, lower skirts, a pillars, mirror caps, center console, door sills, and even HVAC vents. Additionally, the shifter paddles and chassis bridge are anodized red while the pedal adjustment and emergency door release straps are red. Other changes inside the car include the deletion of the stereo system and speakers, cup holders, and storage bins. The car is additionally optioned with 6-point racing harnesses and red brake calipers. 

This particular example is a one-owner lifelong California car, and the only Competition Series car produced in this color, Tri-Coat Yellow (a $5,000 option). The owner took delivery in December 2018 and the car comes with its trickle charger, window sticker, GT book in a metal presentation box, and prints taken at the factory while the car was being built.


1,183 Miles
Redwood City, CA
Title Status:
3.5L V6 Ecoboost
7-Speed Dual Clutch
Rear Wheel Drive
Exterior Color:
Competition Yellow
Interior Color:
Total Owners: